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About De la Phone

De la Phone Technologies Limited is a UK based company providing solutions for the fast moving IT services and technology sector in Africa, Europe and Asia. De la Phone offers robust and dynamic suite of hardware and software products, IP based technologies, consultancy and hosted services targeting four primary vertical markets in financial services, Public Sector, Communications and the enterprise market.


De la Phone is set to become a key industry supplier of next generation IT solutions that utilize Internet technologies and operates branches in the UK, Ghana and Ethiopia and employs a total of 41 people.


De la Phone's Solutions


De la Phone Technologies leverage its comprehensive technical expertise to help businesses realize the potential of next generation networks and how it can be manipulated to deliver value adding services for consumers, as well as generating new revenue streams for operators and businesses alike.


Our products and turnkey solutions are built on open IP and Internet technologies, and support high availability by using a multi-tiered, distributed application architecture. De la Phone's product ranges include call center and integrated CRM solutions, critical data collection systems, telephone banking and cheque guarantee systems, DLP IP telephony platform, mobile payment solutions, voice based e-governance systems, SMS marketing solutions, IP PBX appliances and etc.


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De la Phone Consultancy

We provide professional services to businesses with expert advice on all aspects of VoiP technology and Internet communications.

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