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De la Phone Services

De la Phone offers you a wide portfolio of integrated turn-key VoIP solutions by delivering robust and scalable IP Telephony services for ITSPs and telco start-ups.


Our hosted service is tailored for both start-ups and ITSPs. We work with businesses to help them reap immediate savings by enabling them to take full control of their telephony services with out the need to own and operate any software or hardware products. Our system integration service helps many companies get more out of their assets and simplify end-to-end product deployements.




Hosted Billing Services

The Hosted Billing service allows startup and small telcos to run various telephony services on our state of the art datacenters and robust platform with out the need to own and operate any software or hardware products. Read More

DLP Consultancy

To be able to effectively utilize and benefit from the current developments in the telecommunications industry, it is important to understand the various advances in components that are helping to shape new and emerging technologies. A days consultancy could be the beginning of unlocking the potential value this new emerging technology can bring. Read More


IP Centrex

The DLP IP Centrex service comes with an advanced telephony feature set including voicemail, IVR, conferencing, Inbound numbers and etc, enabling SMEs to take full advantage of the latest in IP and telecommuincation technonlogies. Read More



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De la Phone Consultancy

We provide professional services to businesses with expert advice on all aspects of VoiP technology and Internet communications.

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