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DLP Hosted Billing Services

The Hosted Billing service allows startup and small telcos to run various telephony services on our state of the art datacenters and robust platform with out the need to own and operate any software or hardware products.


Integrated Solution


Our telephony platform comes with a suite of applications that include broadband telephony, calling cards, IP callshop, call back services, pc to phone, inbound number services and etc. The system also comes with a built in IP Centrex solution for a hosted IP PBX services.




The hosted service does not cost anything as long as you use our wholesale A-Z routes. Customers can simply run any of the services we have available by creating their own agent or resellers and manage accounts from a web based admin interface. Customers also have a choice of using their own route and pay a hosting fee for using the platform


With no setup cost, we offer outstanding value for telco start-ups.


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We provide professional services to businesses with expert advice on all aspects of VoiP technology and Internet communications.

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