BMS - Billing Management System

The de la Phone Billing Management System (BMS) is a multi-tier and multi-agent billing management platform that's built on the de la Phone billing processing engine for use in various IP telephony services. The BMS provides account and tariff management, payment registry, series management, call record reporting and other admin services.


De la Phone bms offers turnkey Telco grade billing and rating solution that is highly scalable, convergent charging and settlement solution that supports existing and emerging services across multiple platforms. De la Phone’s billing engine is all about performance and reliability by offering Prepaid and Postpaid services, billing for call usage, offer flexible call plans, and comprehensive call rates through multiple call legs to achieve maximum business efficiency.





Diagram - DLP End to End Billing and Carrier Solution


Key Benefits

  • Rate, bill and provision multiple services on a single platform, including voice, video, IP Centrex, Prepaid voice services
  • Easy integration with various TDM/PSTN and VoIP networks
  • Carrier grade performance with load balancing and redundancy using industry standard hardware
  • Programmable rating process allows for pre and post rating integration with other applications
  • Future proof and rapid development of new services
  • Built-in customer care portal



Service Features


Advanced Billing

Advanced rating system is more dynamic than traditional rating tables. Service providers converting their rate plans can have up to 75% fewer price points to manage and with less chance of revenue leakage.


Reporting and Analysis

Quick and easy accesses to all call detail records data. All the information available on the DLP billing is immediately accessible in your system database. Sophisticated drilldown query tools allow you to extract the information necessary to investigate shortages, analyze trends and anticipate shortfalls.


Compliance with Industry Standards

DLP Billing follows standards set by the OBF, including BOS and SECAB specifications, to ensure accuracy and standard presentation of bills to carriers. Our strict adaptation of OBF standards ensures that the system continues to meet the standards agreed by the organization.


Fraud Detection

With its robust authentication and rating capabilities, DLP Billing enables service providers to make the most of their service offerings while protecting valuable revenue streams through its fraud detection module, leakage free CDR rating and revenue assurance features. 


Formatting Switch Data

An optional extraction module, based on Intec’s powerful mediation engine, is available for converting the data from legacy switch into the standard Exchange Message Interface (EMI) format.


Online Account Management

Intuitive online tools enable users to customise the functionality of their phone in real-time. Advanced functionality becomes easier to use without the need to remember complex shortcut keys. provide real-time account information and transaction capabilities.


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