Communication Solutions

De la Phone’s communication solution is designed to help new providers of voice services speed rollouts, reduce costs and overcome interoperability issues and accelerate service providers' potential to generate revenue from converged voice and data services. The ability to deliver primary voice services using existing TDM infrastructure, in addition to its broadband service capabilities, means incumbent Telcos and ISPs can generate additional revenue by adding scalable, reliable, IP-based voice services to their existing business customer offerings.


With the growing popularity of the WiMAX network among African ISPs and as the platform of choice for next generation broadband and IP telephony services, De la Phone can now interface directly with both legacy and next generation voice networks according to carrier needs to enable WiMAX operators seamless interconnection with national carriers and deployment of national numbering plan.

DLP BMS - Billing Management System

The De la Phone Billing Management System (BMS) is a multi-tier and multi-agent billing management platform that's built on the de la Phone billing processing engine for use in various IP telephony services. The BMS provides account and tariff management, payment registry, series management, call record reporting and other admin services. Read More

DLP ITSP Platform

De la Phone provides a turnkey broadband telephony solution for Internet Services Providers (ISPs) and Wireless Internet Services Providers (WISPs) that can dramatically reduce entry cost for new and branded services in this profitable, emerging marketplace. Read More


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We provide professional services to businesses with expert advice on all aspects of VoiP technology and Internet communications.

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