DLP ITSP Platform

De la Phone provides a turnkey broadband telephony solution for Internet Services Providers (ISPs) and Wireless Internet Services Providers (WISPs) that can dramatically reduce entry cost for new and branded services in this profitable, emerging marketplace.


The DLP - ITSP IP telephony platform provides an affordable, scalable and a much more efficient service development environment for microtelco service providers. An important part of an IP telephony infrastucture for delivering voice services over the Internet, softswitches empower microtelco service providers to compete successfully with Tier 1 carriers.





Key Benefits


  • Run multiple services on a single platform, including voice, video, IP Centrex, Prepaid voice services
  • Easy integration with various TDM/PSTN and VoIP networks
  • Carrier grade performance with load balancing and redundancy using industry standard hardware
  • Highly scalable
  • Future proof and rapid development of new services
  • Auto provisioning and built-in customer care portal


System Features


DLP operates a carrier class, IP softswitch that handles the call flow, enabling seamless conversion of voice signals and IP packets, and ensuring that the service runs smoothly at all times.


Carrier Class Availability

Broadband Telephony is based on a Telco grade, resilient architecture with full redundancy of both hardware and software components.


Extremely Secure

Utmost security is ensured by keeping the Broadband Telephony network entirely separate from the corporate IT network, using Virtual LAN technologies.


Highest Quality Calls

Leveraging refined voice compression and echo cancellation, DLP ensures that high quality calls take up minimal bandwidth, making calls over broadband exactly like calls over the Local network.



Broadband Telephony is based on a carrier grade system and modular design, capable of scaling to support millions of simultaneous calls and users.



Broadband Telephony can be easily integrated into legacy systems, the VoIP product family and existing PBXs.


Telephone Banking from De la Phone Technologies provides the latest in telephone banking technology including multi-language capabilities. Its abstract data interface layer allows for integration with a variety of core processors to provide real-time account information and transaction capabilities.


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