DLP ElectroPay Mobile Top-up

DLP ElectroPay is a secure end-to-end multi-service prepay system, giving mobile operators or distributors the opportunity to supply prepaid airtime, electronically through various sales channels. Any electronic product or service may be distributed through the system by delivering a pin number or by activating the service through a direct connection with a vendor.




Fig. ElectroPay Service Architecture


The De la Phone DLP ElectroPay system connects one or more mobile operators or other vendors with one or more retail chains and outlets. The system can be integrated with existing POS terminals or EPOS systems, or alternatively stand-alone prepay terminals or kiosks can be deployed.


Value proposition to retailers and distributors:


  • Zero stock requirements
  • No lost sales due to out-of-stock
  • Improved cash flow
  • Prevents fraud and theft
  • Up-to-date information on sales
  • Flexibility to sell new products


Business Opportunity for Operators and Distributors

  • Cost Savings

    De la Phone ElectroPay processes real-time electronic transactions and payment on instruction from a Mobile phone. Two areas of cost saving has been identified to lower operator’s costs:
    1) Electronic Top-up (Pre-paid)
    2) Operator Contract Subscriber Bill Payment

  • New Revenue - Increased Turn-over

  • In our experience De la Phone ElectroPay increases the ARPU of customers using the system to purchase airtime. Simply, the massive customer convenience derived by being able to purchase airtime anywhere, anytime, means that when a customer needs to purchase airtime, no barrier to performing the transaction increases usage.


  • Value Added Services
  • De la Phone ElectroPay can be used to provide subscribers with the ability to use their mobile phone for Mobile Banking, Bill Payment and Money Transfer transactions.



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