DLP - MoBirr Remittance Solution

The MoBirr Remittance service embodies a unique approach to money transfer which has been specifically created to facilitate quick, secure and easy money transfer for both senders and receivers of remittance payments. The MoBirr Remittance service implements an end to end electronic payment service by provisioning the MoBirr prepaid card in the sender's country and by issuing a MoBirr smart card to the receiver in the destination country.


This reloadable card offers its users the flexibility to send money to anyone anywhere in the world almost instantly. It is a relatively inexpensive mode of money transfer and involves little to no risk. With this card customers can eliminate the need for endless paperwork required for transferring or retrieving money. Additionally, it can also bring down the expense of wiring money the “old fashioned way”.



Key Features


  • Secure, reliable and Anti Money Laundry compliant
  • Real time transaction and P/L reporting
  • SMS and Email notifications
  • Integration with third parties and payment processors
  • Multi-tiered agent management and administration



Key Benefits


  • Simple, Easy and Secure way to send money
  • Instant Transfer
  • Money available 24 hours / 7 days a week
  • Multiple channels of sending money through Mobile,             Toll free number, Internet, Bank Account, Cash
  • MoBirr cards can be used for other in-store and online purchases
  • Secure / Real-time transfer
  • Paperless




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